Best practices

27 Mar 2013 | Startup Guide |

Good practices presented on the SUITES project meetings


The sharing economy has grown rapidly around the world – people are becoming more conscious, seeking new ways to save and/or make money  doing things they enjoy. Gnammo has come up with an excellent idea, bringing together social network, shared economy and food.
Gnammo is a community of Foodies, a platform to create, communicate and manage food events.
On Gnammo one can share their culinary skills and passion for food. It offers everything – passionate cooks and professional chefs – an opportunity to organize lunches, dinners and events at home, out of ordinary environment of the visitors, to test one’s skills in the kitchen and make new friends while sharing the passion for food.

Are you ready to start the Social Eating revolution? MORE



Júramelo is an online platform that joins people who need their documents translated and sworn, with available sworn translators. You can get an online quote instantly, with real time prices and delivery deadlines. You can purchase, pay, and track your order online, and to do so takes less than 5 minutes. There are 200 countries in the world, where 7,000 languages are spoken, and each one of these 200 countries has a different bureaucracy. This is a nuisance when you travel for pleasure, but if you want to study, work, or do business, it’s much worse. If it’s not in the same language, your university transcript is not valid, and neither is your marriage certificate.  How do we fix this? In Spain, and in many other countries, we fix it with a service known as sworn translation, an official translation carried out by a government-certified translation professional. With our platform, this is as simple as buying a plane ticket online. MORE



No one knows the streets of the city better than people who spend there most of their time!
Pragulic tours, guided by one of the five homeless tour guides, will provide you with an insite to homeless life,  hidden corners, true life stories and extraordinary experience. Pragulic has customers from all over the world and the tours are translated into 9 different languages by the volunteers.
The project has also a strong social impact: by creating placements for homeless, their life conditions will improve by receiving a regular income, their self esteem will increase by long term support and improvement of knowledge and competences. This altogehter will build understanding and change the perception of homelessness in the society – once you take a tour you will never look at the homeless in the same way.
It all started in Prague…but imagine now that you could book your homeless guide wherever you go!  MORE



Discover the most innovative wineries, enjoy the Castano wineries and wineyards, get a more genuine approach to wine tourism.The Angloob, Spanish Wine point project operates on win-win principle – by personal approach to customers and great wine experience at the Wine point, the customers are very likely to visit the winery afterwards and later purchace their favourite wine from the wine shop which they can then pick up from the Wine point.
The idea is to attract tourists to vist the costal areas of South-East Spain by selling the wines from local wineries at Wine point – a restaurant, wine bar and social club which also offers wine tourism activities such as winery tours for example. MORE



Map2App is the easiest way to create travel guides for Iphone, Android and HTML5 enabled devices. Building your app has never been easier. No coding experience is required, you can build professional travel apps that looks great in few hours. We empower destination marketers and promoters to easily create professional mobile guides. We focus exclusively on the travel sector providing the best solution for delivering high quality destination guides. MORE


The FUN – Ceramic workshops

The idea was to connect hobby and passion with the niche and demand of handmade products. The founds for the business were gained from European Social Found Programme, special project for start-uppers directs to unemployed people. Total grand was 8000 Euro with self-input of 2000 Euro. The subsidy allowed to get all the equipment for the workshop, bake cord for ceramics, electric potter wheel, advertisement, flyers, business cards.  The fun offers handmade ceramic products, seasonal products, workshops for diverse clients. MORE

Twój Start UP

Your Start Up is the incubator that gives you opportunities to run your own business with limited costs. It’s easy, with no risks, no registration, no long term contracts. You get a comprehensive support on two levels: pre-incubati

on (from business concept to readiness for recording your own business) and incubation (from standby to register
your business). Your Start Up helps you minimalize the costs and taxes, supports you and allows you to focus on business. MORE

EXPERIENZIAL: meetings incentives team buildings and experience

Experienzial is a Spanish company specialized in the design and organization of Team Building experiences. Experienzial’s team is composed of the best specialists and professionals in each field, with a vast experience in organizing motivational, formation and entertainment activities, experiential tourism, CSR and VIP activities, complementary to conventions, sales kick-off, product launching, other corporative events and exclusive incentive packages. MORE

Best Practices in Tourism – the cooperation of Chios and Çeşme islands

The two Greek and Turkish islands, Chios and Çeşme, have shared common history and culture in the past and are now developing a successful cooperation between Union of Tradesmen in Çeşme and Chios Hoteliers Union in order to improve the potential of tourism in the region.
The two islands have developed a project called Brothership and Cooperation. In frame of the project, there will be meetings held between investors of tourism and representatives of  the sector and a common website to promote the areas of Çeşme and Chioswill be created.
Entrepreneurs have played a vital role in the process of improving the cooperation opportunities and creation of confident atmosphere between Turkey and Greece.  MORE