Partner 1. Ideazione srl, Italy

Partner 1Address: Via Cavour 16, 12051 Alba, Italy
Tel: + 39 (0)173 440452
Fax: + 39 (0)173 293143

Ideazione is a private company located in Piedmont Region, in Northern Italy, in the tourist district of Langhe and Roero, offering support, services and training about tourist development and valorization of local resources. Through studies, strategic and promotion plans and specific development actions, Ideazione works to transform territories into a successful tourist destination.

Another key sector concerns the enhancement of food&wine productions of excellence as a resource for tourists and local population, through marketing activities and the organization of  promotional events, especially in foreign countries. Ideazione also provides supporting services to develop partnership and networking among public and private actors for the creation of cultural systems and museums, to promote cultural resources and traditions.

From 2008, Ideazione manages a Laboratory for the creation of new businesses in tourist sector, in a high-level course about Cultural Tourism, organized by the institutional partner Fondazione Garrone, in Syracuse and Genoa, where trained people are supported in the identification of a possible new business in tourist sector and accompanied to all economic and social evaluation to check the feasibility and ensure the effectiveness of the ideas.


Partner 2Address: İsmet İnönü Mah. 2122 Sok. No:18 35930 – Çeşme, 35630 Izmir, Turkey
Tel: + 90 232 712 68 41
Fax: + 90 232 712 66 15





Partner 3. Verejno-súkromné partnerstvo Horehron, Slovakia

Partner3Address: Nová 392, 976 69 Pohorelá, Slovakia
Tel: + 421 915 810 813
Fax: + 421 48 619 61 09
Website: n/a


PPP Horehron is located in the central part of Slovakia with great nature, culture and historical potential, where are approaches as a bottom up, multi-sectors and multi actors cooperation applied. We can divided PPP members by their level of their skills and knowledge from the tourism point of view as follows:

- members with great skills (tourism entrepreneurs, NGOs in the tourism and individual, whose were trained in the tourism)
- municipalities – members with interest in tourism development
- individuals wit tourism education and own skills.

In the PPP Horehron region were local people trained from the point of view of social work adaptability (IT knowledge, languages, management, …).  In the region is high unemployment and threatness group - at risk of social exclusion are especially young  people with middle level of graduation. Local products are produced by old-local producers in this region and these traditions are threatened now, because there are not possibilities for skills transmission from old generations to the next generations. Crafts, local products and traditions are a big opportunity for the valorization of the territory and the development of new economic activities, linked to tourism and cultural initiatives.

Partner 4. Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios de la Región de Murcia – AJE, Spain

Partner 4Address: Ctra. de Churra, 96, 2º Planta, 30007 Murcia, Spain
Tel: + 3496882552
Fax: + 34968287274

AJE Región de Murcia is a nonprofit, apolitical and independent association created by and for young entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia in October 1995. More than 400 members are actually part of our association, all of them Businessman and woman from the region of Murcia. We are also part of CEAJE, the National Association of Young Businessmen which counts with more than 18.000 thousand young Businessman and woman in whole Spain. Among the main tasks that AJE Region de Murcia makes for these members, we can point out financial support, formation to improve skill in areas such as marketing or think tank, management, promoting networking between their members through regional events, etc. On the other Hand, AJE Region de Murcia gives help young entrepreneurs of Region of Murcia through different ways, that is to say, providing support in terms of business ideas viability, financing and funding, location, activities to improve entrepreneur’s skills, etc. AJE also works and collaborates with other organizations such as business schools, business angel networks, private and public companies, etc.

Partner 5. Stowarzyszenie “Dziedzictwo i Rozwój”, Poland

Partner 5Address: Plac Kochanowskiego 1, 26-700 Zwoleń, Poland
Tel: + 48 676 20 29
Fax: + 48 676 20 29


Partner 6. Institut pro regionální rozvoj, o.p.s., Czech Republic

p6Address: Kafkova 13, 160 00, Praha 6, Czech Republic
Tel: + 420222764530
Fax: + 420222764530

 Institute for Regional Development was founded in 2010 to promote the development of European regions, international exchange of know-how and experience and education of key players in various areas. The main aim of the Institute is to bring together institutions from different spheres – public, non-profit, academic and private to provide expertise in the area of Environment and Ecology, Urban development, Tourism, Human Resources, Employment, Education, Health and Social issues.

The three main areas of focus of IRD are:

1. Education – the Institute provides solutions in the field of education ranging from event organisation and management, expert analyses to sophisticated e-learning.

2. Youth – the Institute engages in youth exchange in the framework of the Youth in Action Program.

3. Tourism – the Institute focuses on innovation in tourism, which includes transfer of experience and know-how within the EU, development of innovative products for tourism and education in innovation in tourism.