Financial oportunities in Poland

Where to get money?

  • Equity
  • Credit
  • Local Labor Office (Six times the national average wage (22 000 zł) only for unymployed people – the company must operate minimum 12 months – Grants of the European Union)

How to get grants of the European Union?

  • Choosing the right programme
  • Prepare documentation
  • Submit a project (application, business)
  • Positive decision of the grant.
  • Signing the contract,
  • The project,
  • Settlement of the project.

It can take one month, several months or even up to six months or longer.


  • The programme of Infrastructure and Environment
  • Innovative Economy Programme
  • The Human Capital – Development of Eastern Poland
  • Technical Assistance Programme

Get info about it:

Human Capital Operational Programme

  • Support and promotion of entrepreneurship and self-employment.
  • The amount to 40 000 zł, but not easy to obtain.
  • Time for grants at an average of about 6 month (training for three months).
  • In practice, the amount allocated is much lower than the 40.000 zl, so sometimes better to apply for funding from the Office of Labor)

Rural Development Programme

Diversification into non-agricultural activities (for insured people in Agricultural Social Insurance Fund) and the creation and development of micro-bussiness (for NOT insured by Agricultural Social Insurance Found).

Regional Operational Programme

Actions designed to existing companies, but in most cases enough to make the company even though there was one day to be able to apply for funds. Grants are awarded on the basis of reimbursement eligible costs, the refund is usually from 30 to 70% depending on the region and the size of the company. If You wanna get a maximum grant of 300 000 zl. You have to employ 3 people, before you had to hire a minimum of 5 people.

Operational Programme Innovative Economy

Initiating innovative activities (work in a similar way as they do business angel or venture capital funds). If you have an idea for an innovative business with a range of new technology, you can take it to one of these institutions and consequently get an investor who will invest in your idea to 200 000 EURO. These institutions can not be covered in the new the resulting business more than 50% of the shares.)